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FEPPP General Partners

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Executive Director: Tracy Godat - Tracy.Godat@k12.wa.us

FEPPP Financial Fellows

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FEPPP Committees

Executive Committee

Chair: Representative Monica Stonier - Monica.Stonier@leg.wa.gov

The Executive Committee is a subset of the appointees. The members of the Executive Committee are selected annually at the first quarterly general FEPPP meeting after July 31. The Executive Committee includes the FEPPP chair, the committee chairs, the appointee from DFI, an appointed representative from OSPI, and the state treasurer or treasurerís designee and one other appointee at large, when needed to make an uneven number of members. The Executive Committee shall oversee the duties of the Chief Administrative Officer.

The mission of the Executive Committee is to provide oversight of and help to coordinate and facilitate the work of the subcommittees in meeting the legislative mandate to FEPPP.

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the partnership for routine and operational matters. The Executive Committee develops the work plan and budget, monitors progress, approves expenditures and projects/events, oversees assigned staff and contracts, and acts to advance the mission of FEPPP, as defined by law.

Communications Committee

Chair: Lyn Peters - Lyn.Peters@DFI.wa.gov
Co-Chair: Cathy Brorson - CBrorson@kitsapcu.org

The mission of the Communications Committee is to promote FEPPP, financial education resources, and financial education events.

Development Committee

Chair: Eric Christiansen - Eric@quantumplanning.com
Co-Chair: Mark Minickiello - Mark.Minickiello@harborstone.com

The mission of the Development Committee is to recruit resources, reach out to financial education coalitions, and develop the governance structure for FEPPP.

Education Committee

Chair: Pam Whalley - Pam.Whalley@wwu.edu

The mission of the Education Committee is to introduce, enhance and improve financial education in Washington K-12 schools. The Education Committee facilitates this mission by developing and promoting professional development opportunities for educators, and by establishing standards, reviewing curriculum and advancing certification opportunities.

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