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Consumer Jungle

Publisher: The Young Adult Consumer Education Trust (YACET)
Web Address: http://www.consumerjungle.org
Contact: Robert L. Parlette
Target Grades: 10th, 11th, 12th
Program Cost: It is free to teachers who register on our secure website
Training Available: No
Clock Hours Available: Yes
Format: Web-based
Lesson Structure: Stand-alone lessons
Instructional Hours Required: Stand-Alone Lessons; None absolutely required. It is up to the teacher how much time he or she wishes to devote. Because of the sad state of economic affairs in the USA, where only about 17 states require some form of financial literacy, we are dependent on word of mouth and referals to get word of our materrials out to schools, teachers, and students. Thankfully, we have had over 7000 teachers recognize the importance of the subject & who have chosen to teach this material, or parts thereof in their classes. We have had Home Economics teachers, Economics teachers, Math teachers, Social Science and Government teachers use our materials. In Washington it seems to fit very well into Contemporary World Problems and Citizen Washington classes.
Languages: English
Proof of Effectiveness: Implied
Aligned to Washington State Standards: Yes
Aligned to Jump$tart Standards: Yes
Additional Publisher Comments: Our curriculum is designed so that all or parts of it can be incorporated into any class where a teacher feels it is appropriate and useful. That is the beauty of what we offer. It is the stuff kids want to know about: how to buy cars, cell phone plans, computer and internet frauds related to electronic purchases, and the use and misuse of credit and debit cards.
Curriculum Review Date: June, 2009

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